Tuesday, September 8, 2009

watching people move in is HILARIOUS.

i am SOOO happy to be back in good ol' Rexy... i missed this town dearly. but i have been so effing busy this past week, it's crazy! i feel like everything happened all in one day. but it didn't. i've been here since wednesday night... so it's been like six days. here's what i've been up to:

MONDAY, August 31, 2009
i finished all my packing and did everything i needed to do before Zan came in to town. he got to vegas around 9pm, so i had a LOT of time to get excited. which i was. very excited. monday night we didn't do much because it was so late. we got slurpees with my friend Steph and watched x-men 2. not gonna lie, i fell asleep.

TUESDAY, September 1, 2009
Zan and i went shopping all morning on tuesday. then we had lunch with my momma. then he wanted to play the slots so we went down to the strip. he won $4.50, but being the sin-supporting person that i am, i convinced him to keep playing and he lost that along with about seventeen more dollars. hahaha. it's ok though, because i ended up losing about ten bucks too. for dinner Zan really really wanted to have all-you-can-eat sushi, and Steph and her lover boy wanted to come too. but she didn't get off work until about 10, so we had a SUPER late dinner of deliciousness. it really was so good, but i could hardly eat anything it was so late!!

WEDNESDAY, September 2, 2009
you guys would not believe how early i was waking up these days... 8 am!! it was crazy. my mom wanted us to be on the road by 9, which i though was ridiculous. but we did it! i think we were finally on the freeway at about 9:30. we stopped in St. George to pick up some speakers for Zan's apartment. then right before we got to Beaver there was a huge traffic jam. once we got going and saw what it was we were freaking shocked!! a semi had rear-ended another semi and seriously sandwiched the cab into all the boxes and stuff of the trailer. it was ridiculous. luckily, when Zan looked it up at home later it was only the passenger side of the cab that was smaskeh and the driver got out without a scratch. but i was seriously disturbed for the entire day becasue of that. anyway, then we stopped in Nephi for gas. and then we stopped in Salt Lake for food. and then i dropped him off in Rigby and then i was HOME!!! it was so great to be back with Beth and Mikey!

THURSDAY, September 3, 2009
umm... this was kind of a boring day, i think. i don't really remember that much of it. i moved all my stuff into room 6 and then set everything up. and i did it in record time too!! well, i guess my record wasn't that hard to beat, since the last time i set things up by myself it took me about a month. lol. BUT i did purchase a 7'6'' cozy sac for the living room!! that was an adventure in itself because the color was wrong and the shipping address was to my house in vegas... but don't worry, it's all fixed! nap times will never be the same again!

FRIDAY, September 4, 2009
i finished getting thing set up in my room, sort of. i still have some pictures to put up. i went to rigby and idaho falls with Zan who needed to buy some new pants and shoes for his family pictures. then i went with him up to Island Park for the weekend. i was really nervous about it, because i've really only ever talked to his mom once or twice and his sister-in-law a couple times. but it turned out to be really fun weekend. we got there kind of late so we just hung out at their cabin friday night.

SATURDAY, September 5, 2009
Zan and his dad, brother, and brother-in-law went golfing at like 8:30 in the morning. so yes, i was awake at 8. again. i just hung out with his mom, sister, and sister-in-law all morning. oh, and his nephew Conner. who is three and so freaking adorable.then when the boys got back from golfing we went for a drive. we were trying to find some spot that his mom wanted to take pictures at. but we got lost and ended up driving around for like 2 hours in the middle of nowhere. then we went out to the lake there because some of their friends were taking their boat out and Zan NEEDED to go wakeboarding. he'd been having withdrawals. then we went back to the cabin and ate a really quick dinner and headed to Montana to go to the Playmill theatre and see the Secret Garden. it was really good. the room was so hot and the acoustics weren't that great [i don't think you should need mics in a theatre that only seats 250 people.] but it was really good. i had fun. it was really late by the time we got back and we basically all just crashed right away. but they did say we could ditch church and sleep in, so i was happy.

SUNDAY, September 6, 2009
until they made me get up at 9. if you ask me, that's not sleeping in. granted i had been awake since 8:30 when Zan told Conner to go knock on my door, but still. we had a really slow morning, but we didn't have all that much of a schedule so it was ok. once everyone was ready we drove out to an old town called Nevada City :-) in Montana where they wanted to do their family pictures. there's this really cool old train car there that was so incredibly awesome. i loved it. and i got to be the photographer, so it was really fun. i'm really excited about doing that as a cluster now! after i used up all the camera's memory we decided to go eat and then head back to the cabin. once we got to the cabin i was so tired it was ridiculous, so Zan and i took a nap. it was only about an hour and a half long, but it felt GOOD! then we ate dinner, his sister and brother-in-law made some deeeeelicious chicken. and then we drove home. it was really late and dark and we hadn't meant to stay all day but we got down the hill without running into any stray moosen so it was ok in the end. but THEN, when i texted Beth that i was coming home she told me that she'd been locked out since 5:30. it was like 9 by now. i felt so bad. so we hung out downstairs at Brittney's new apartment until our new door-locking-roommate got home. around 11pm. Beth had been locked out for almost six hours!! but now we have a spare key, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. fingers crossed.

MONDAY, September 7, 2009
i feel as though i should remember best what hapened yesterday, but i don't. i checked in. i got dressed. i ate lunch. i went to Rigby with Zan to help him pack more stuff. i paid for school and housing. when Beth got off work we went down to IF with Brittney and went to Target to get a doormat. we looked for bathroom rugs too but they didn't have any cute ones. then Brittney left to go back to Logan and Beth and i did some quick grocery shopping. that's pretty much all i can remember.

TUESDAY, September 8, 2009
ummm... yeah. i don't really remember what i did today. i bought books and ended up having to pay a lot more than i thought i'd have to. the prices were wrong online. that was a bummer. but i got to see Kayla!! we had lunch at Bajio before she went to work. and i said goodbye to Mikey. which made me sad. and Beth left me for Fun, which also made me sad. so i think i'll go eat worms.

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