Friday, March 26, 2010

i want...

this class to be over.
to be a graduate already.
a poptart.
the serengeti dress from anthropologie.
to take a nap.
to see my mikalyn.  :)
for brittney's mission to go by really fast.
to be in california.
my cold to go away.
to live on my own, regardless of how impractical that is.
some new shoes.
to figure my life out.
all my jeans to fit right.
it to be summer.

have you ever noticed that the more you want something, it always seems farther away and harder to get?  life is funny that way.  but then again, weekends always seem to make me feel like things are a lot closer and easier.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i went snowboarding a few weeks ago.

remember how i bruise like a three-day-old peach?!
well, if you need a reminder, here is exhibit A:
that's my knee...

this smaller bruise is on the back of my leg, and it has a twin in the exact same spot on my other leg.
we decided that they're from my boots.

there was a bruise on my hand, but it didn't really show up on the camera, so i'll just let you imagine what it looked like.
and the piece de resistance is this big fella, on the back of my arm:
oh man, you should have seen it... this picture doesn't do it justice.

needless to say, i should be taking some kind of iron supplement. because these are just the note-worthy bruises, there are plenty more smaller ones scattered all over my body.
i swear i'm not the victim of abuse.
these are just the products of a normal day's activities for me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

remember the 2010 census?

and how i was really excited that i got to fill it out, because hey - how else is obama gonna know where to send his speeches for editing?!
well, i was disappointed.
it was lame.
all they wanted to know was where i live, how old i am, and what color my skin is.
way to hype up the most boring 2 minutes of my week, united stated government.
i'm never falling for a commercial again...

oh my gosh. star trek is on.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i am a designer.

sometimes i forget just what it is that i'm doing here at school and then i remember... getting an education.

but what exactly am i being educated in?  i'm an english major.  professional writing, to be more specific.  but i've done a LOT more than just read a bunch of books and write a bunch of reports in the four years that i've been here.

most people who know me forget that i started school as an architecture major.  but i did.  and i've continued to study the design principles, which gave me the opportunity to:
     •  design a museum and take it all the way through the design process, from theory to plans
     •  hand-render multiple buildings and landscapes, including the Rexburg Temple
     •  create a full set of architectural plans (blue-prints) for a residential single-family dwelling
     •  design and model a completely custom home and digitally render images of both the exterior and interior views

some design projects that are a little more relevant to english were:
     •  an online bridal magazine.
     •  an instruction manual on how to build a tool box.
     •  a grant proposal.
     •  a personal academic portfolio.
     •  a guide book for one of the university's study abroad programs.
     •  a fully inclusive online professional portfolio [still in production]

i've designed flyers, newsletters, and brochures, created websites and blogs, and created more than my fair share of cover-pages.

i think i have a total of five portfolios:
     •  creative writing
     •  architectural design
     •  visual media
     •  academic writing
     •  and the aforementioned professional portfolio

after all that i don't think i want to be labeled as an english student.  i'm going to dance with the idea that i'm basically a designer for a while.  granted, my design skills are very basic and mostly unrelated to each other, but still... it's what i've spent the majority of my college years doing.

anyway, i'm a senior.  i did it.  can i maybe just say that i rock?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


b.  is for how very, very BORING it is in the austin building on a saturday.  for real.  but i guess the more boring it is the easier it should be to focus, and so the faster my homework should get done... right?!

l.  is for how much i would LOVE to have a horkley's with me right now.  oh, the misfortunes of only ever carrying around a debit card.

a.  is for how i would rather be doing ANYTHING than sitting at this computer staring blankly at the progress bar of my rendered image.  ugh.
and h.  is for how HAPPY i'm going to be once this is all finished and i can feel accomplished and successful about life again.

Monday, March 8, 2010

to the tune of...

"we just got a letter"  [yes, the blue's clues song. don't judge.]

i just bought a vacuum,
i just bought a vacuum,
i just bought a vacuum,
and my floor looks really great!!


the contents of the dirt container, however, kind of made me sick...

yeah, we've been living in this for months!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ah, the taste of accomplishment.

even just a little sip is nice.

i completed items 1, 2, and 6 on my list of things to do yesterday, and it turns out #7 isn't due until thursday, so that sort of counts too  :)

this afternoon may or may not see my laundry getting done... it depends on how i feel after tanning.

but i have decided to take my garbage out on my way to school today.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i have a lot to do...

   1] write a paper for philosophy, because it's due at 11:55 tonight.
   2] take a quiz for a different philosophy class, because it's also due at 11:55 tonight.
   3] do my laundry, because i'm running low on undies.
   4] clean my room, because my floor space is already limited as it is.
   5] find an alternative option to the vacuum in the front closet, because it sucks and our carpet is disgusting.
   6] read for eternal marriage class, because i don't want to fail at being a wife.
   7] write a paper for the same eternal marriage class, because it's on the syllabus.
   8] buy some face lotion, because my skin gets very very dry in the very very cold climate in which i live.
   9] paint my toes, because the grody-toe still freaks me out.
 10] take out my garbage, because shipping boxes don't fit in my trash can.
 11] work on my architecture homework, because i don't want to be stressed about it next week.

i'd much rather sit right here and stare at my computer screen than do anything even remotely productive.  i'm just having that kind of day.