Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i don't normally do this.

last week Zan was looking for some boots to wear in the rodeo. [yeah, born and raised in idaho and doesn't even own a pair of cowboy boots. i was shocked.]
so we went to the DI in idaho falls.
now, i don't do second-hand stores. or thrift shops. i don't even really like tj max or ross, to be completely honest. but he really wanted some boots so i plucked up the courage to go inside.

and it's a good thing i did!! because if i hadn't gone we never would have stumbled upon the newest addition to my collection of stuff!!

check this baby out!!

isn't he cute?? oh man. i just love it. beth's not a huge fan, especially when i scootch him into her doorway and barracade her in her room, but i think over time little Desky's gonna grow on her :-)

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