Wednesday, April 7, 2010

last day of school!

whoo hoo!!
that's really all i have to say.
because i'm so ready for this semester to be over.
and ready to start my FINAL SEMESTER OF COLLEGE!

but first i have to get through today.
and this ridiculously long philosophy class.
it's never going to end.
i feel like i've been here for at least two hours, but it's only be 30 minutes.

anyway, this week held a lot of lasts for me.
 - my last ever english class [i am now some-sort-of-qualified professional writer].
 - my last ever religion class [i am now fully prepared for eternal marriage... haha].
 - my last ever architecture class [i am now capable of designing a building, or at least interpreting blueprints].

it feels good to say i'm "done" with those things.

i think that i'll celebrate with mcdonalds  :)

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