Thursday, July 1, 2010

philosophy? no thanks, i'll have the pie.

why did i think it would be a good idea to cluster in philosophy of all things?!!  seriously.  i don't think i've spent more than 45 minutes actually paying attention in this class all semester.  it's a bit sad.

here is a sneak peek of the other students in this class with me...
 - the boy who prefaces all of his comments/questions with: "this may sound confusing. it makes sense in my head."
 - the girl who gets up at least once, but sometimes two or three times to walk the entire length of the room to throw something away, usually a food wrapper.
- the girl who wears the same plum-colored shirt and awkwardly laced pink and white tennis-shoes with everything.
 - the boy from my ethics class who turns around to look at me every time a reference is made to something we talked about in that class.
 - the self-proclaimed army-brat girl who spends half of every day complaining about the dress and grooming standards to the person behind her.
 - and, my favorite, the girl who knits during every lecture.

thank heavens for the boy who always sits in front of me with his thick, dark, curly hair that i can stare at and get lost in.

oh, my teacher just started a sentence with, "When I met Hitchcock in my dream..."

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