Friday, August 13, 2010

i need a project.

i have all this spare time now... and i need some sort of productive activity to fill it with.  i mean, i have to look for a job, and then my spare time will be a little more limited, but let's face it - i do absolutely NOTHING else.  i do need to clean my room so that i can rearrange it so that i can paint it so that i can install some shelves [which need to be designed and then built].  however, i have a feeling that a lot of that will involve my family's help and so not really take as much time as it sounds like it will...

in november i'm going to write a book.  or, at least, try.  there's a non-profit organization that does this thing called NaNoWriMo [national novel writing month] and they challenge you to write a fifty-thousand word manuscript during the month of november.  so that's my plan for then...

i need to make some kind of scrap-book for my years in college.  but i mostly just want that to be a collection of cheesy roommate pictures and random side notes.  nothing too fancy or time consuming. 

after that, though, i'm at a loss.  i expect i'll have a lot of planning to do after the new year, but even then it'd be nice to have some little side projects to help keep me some sort of sane.  but what kinds of things are there to do?!  i'd love to just go out and take pictures, but there's just nothing in this town i want to document.  i'd also love to make a quilt using all my old school shirts, but my mom's sewing machine and i don't exactly see eye to eye.

i need to focus on writing.  i want to start a book-club sort of blog.  since i'm such an avid reader and i did just get a degree in English, it'd probably benefit me to practice those skills that i attained.  you know, to keep my brain from gathering too much dust.

i also think it'd be cool to grow a bonsai tree.  it would help me to be patient and give me something calm and relaxing to do when things around here are hectic or stressful.  i'm just afraid that when i'll kill it i'll be too discouraged to try again.

maybe this list of things to do is already long enough and i just need to crack down and get started.  too bad starting projects is my least favorite part  :/

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