Saturday, April 2, 2011

oh, i'm getting married next week? ok. no problem.

didn't i just have like, five MONTHS to get all this stuff done???  and now i'm down to a matter of days??!!?  someone please tell me that the calendar is lying. 

just kidding!  we do still have a lot to do - but it's not like we're going to be up until the wee hours of saturday morning trying to finish everything up.  well, i might be awake.  but only because i'm chronically sleep-deprived during exciting events - like Christmas and the first day of school and the nights before i get to see John.  i probably won't sleep at all this week.

hopefully, most of you married girlies can relate to what i'm about to say...

can i just be married already?!?!??please?

i'm over it.  let's just get married and give everyone a high-five and go start our life.  it could be that i've only spent around 6 or 7 days with John every month since we've been engaged.  it could be that we've spent upwards of a thousand hours talking to each other on skype since we met.  it could be that we send about 50 texts about what we're doing or figuring out wedding stuff every day.  it could be that i just miss him a whole heck of a lot.  it could be that when we're together he does all the heavy-lifting and driving and cell phone fetching and i'm just lazy.  it could be that i have an entire lifetime of treasures to pack up and i don't want to do it all myself.  it could be that when you know who you want to spend the rest of eternity with and you can't be with them everyday you pretty much just want to scream and yell and tie your dog's leash to a skateboard and make him pull you to wherever they are [tho it help when your dog is at least bigger than the skateboard].

um - sorry for the ranting.  the point is:  I'M GETTING MARRIED IN SEVEN DAYS!!!! 


that's the point  :)

here's a picture of the day i got bored and tried to braid John's hair.

and here's all the flowers that Steph and Nettie and i planted this afternoon.
the end.

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