Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love...

to write.
to be myself.
to succumb to randomness.
to fake sick.
to lie.
to open presents.
to get mail.
to love.

These are all true. I love writing all sorts of things. I'm really big into rewriting songs and poems and things lately, not sure why. It's just more fun I think. Like the version of Taylor Swift's "Our Song" I wrote Julia, or the hilarious comment I just left on SP's facebook that used to be Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee". It just makes the great things other people wrote more personal. It's part of being myself. I'd rather say how I feel when I feel it than beat around the bush with someone else's sappy love song. I don't care what other people think of me, to a certain extent. Everyone cares a little bit. And I especially care what the people I love think of me. If they don't approve of something I want them to tell me. I hate the mudane. I want my life to be like one of Picasso's paintings with nothing in the right place or normal. I'd love to do something new everyday... or at least have the option. Because sometimes I like to stay at home for no apparent reason. I love faking sick. I'm the funniest hypochondriac I know, because all of my diseases are only curable by watching Labyrinth and eating pizza. Part of this 'faking sick' stems from the fact that I'm a pathological liar. I love to lie. Definitely like it more than telling the truth. And I'm a really good liar too. People still believe me that my brother shot me in the forehead with a BB gun and that's why I have a perfectly round scar right, dead in the center. It's hilarious. But I'm getting better at not lying so much... and choosing my victims carefully. I love to open presents, not because I'm greedy, but because I love the look on the gift giver's face just as you pull back the last layer. I can't explain the look, but the next time you're opening a present (Christmas and Hannukah are just aroung the corner!) watch the person who gave it to you as you unwrap... it's priceless! I also love to get mail. Letters mostly. I think that computers are taking over and people need to realize what they're losing. A handwritten letter is just so much better than an e-mail. And yes, I do see the irony of this statement: that I'm complaining about computers taking over as I've just succumbed to one of the latest online trends.
I love to love. I'm just full of love. For anything and everything, anyone and everyone. I love to be a part of, well, everything. I just love love. Sappy? I guess.

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