Saturday, April 4, 2009

because nothing in life comes free.

why isn't there a man-store?? where i can just walk in and tell the sales associate what i want and walk out with my dream guy.
i mean, i understand the downsides of human-trafficking. but come on! it would be nice.
i suck at dating.
i suck at being the girl and waiting around for mr. right to sweep me off my feet. i just want someone to be HONEST with me. why is that so hard? why can't a boy [like you] like a girl [like me] and say so?
is it because you don't want it to not work out? news flash, hun, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!! at some point in a relationship someone is going to realize that they're not as into the other person as they were before. and that's totally ok. no harm done. no feelings hurt [hypothetically, at least.]
i want so desperately to believe in love. in your being capable of it. in my being worth the risks.
i've put my heart on the line too many times. i won't do it anymore. i don't want to see it abused like that again. i have faith that there's someone, somewhere who won't tear me apart. i wish it was you, but that's not looking so good. UGH! every time you call...

* you know what's funny about blogging?! i always save drafts of blogs and then forget to finish and post them. so when i see that i have this complainy-swaney blog all about how he won't just say it sitting in my 'edit posts' folder... i laugh. because not only have i since forced him into submission and gotten him to admit to liking me, he's even done it on his own!! big step. you have no idea how freaking excited i was to hear it. unprompted. no begging or pleading or bribing involved. :-)

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