Thursday, October 7, 2010

ten things that made me happy today.

[this is for amber, who challenged all her friends to do this.]

ONE - spending all day on g-chat with john.
TWO - the nice weather outside.
THREE - my ring making rainbows and sparkles across my desk.
FOUR - looking at wedding blogs.
FIVE - thinking of brittney out on her mission and having a fabulous birthday.
SIX - the smell of fajitas.
SEVEN -finally getting to hang out with nettie after fifty-seven tries.
EIGHT - talking about forever.
NINE - trying on wedding dresses!!
TEN - john. he just makes me happy all by himself.

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Che and Amber said...

Hey Syd! I don't think I've told you congrats yet! That is so wonderful! I'm glad you posted the ten happy things! They all sound very happy ha ha. Hey I miss your face! LOVE YOU!