Wednesday, July 22, 2009

and then there was one...

ONE day left of school. ONE day left to pack all my stuff into my tiny little room. ONE question left on my english exam that i just don't feel like answering. ONE oven to clean. ONE bug bite that's driving me crazy. ONE more hour of parenting [thank goodness]. ONE more day of 4th grade english. ONE more crit in rendering. ONE more walk home from campus [for a while, at least]. ONE more day to wish i was in Lake Powell and not Rexburg. ONE more night until i get to see steph. ONE more day to look pretty for people who don't really care. ONE day to figure out what i can leave and what i need to take home. ONE more day until i get to see my mom! ONE day. ONE. ONE reason to stay. ONE person i don't want to leave. ONE chance. ONE loss. ONE semester i'll never forget. ONE apartment that will always be the best. ONE group of roommates i'll love forever. ONE reason to change. ONE person to remember, forever and always. ONE day. ONE message. ONE love.

a LOT happened this se
mester. but only ONE thing changed my life for good. it's hard to say, to think about, to remember. but i'll always have this semester, this apartment, these roommates to share it with. and we all feel it. we all know. we're all in this together [sorry, i had to]. we are ONE.
we live, we love, we laugh.


Lil' Meg said...

I kinda love you a lot! You are adorable.

The Peshlakais said...

SYD!!!!! hi.