Friday, July 31, 2009


Guess what?! I GOT A JOB!! Whoo! lol. Actually, I just got my old job at Urban Outfitters back. And I start on Wednesday. So, to kill time until then I came to Newport Beach with my parents. Pretty exciting stuff happens on trips like this. For example, last night my parents walked down to the pizza place that we've always had on our first night down here, but to their surprise, it's been turned into a bistro. Thus, no artichoke pizza for Sydney. Or like this morning while my mom was out tanning on the beach and me and my dad were being creepy stalkers watching people through binoculars on the balcony, this crazy old man was just standing there down by the water facing the sun with his arms stretched out, like he was recharging his solar panels or something. He looked a lot like one of the speedo-men from my drawing. Mostly because he was in a speedo. Anyway, just because I want you all to be jealous of my vacation this is a picture of the beach from the balcony. Can you spot my momma!?!

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