Monday, July 27, 2009

tanning and bug catching.

Today my friend Steph and I decided that we need TANS!! I've been white for far too long. I'm ready to look like Pocahontas again. So she came over to my house around noon and we started tanning at 12:30 or 1... I don't remember. After 20 minutes or so we got soooo freaking hot!! I despise Las Vegas heat waves. To cool off we decided to get in the pool... which was cold. [There's just no pleasing us.] Once we were in the water though we were attacked by hornets. I guess they need the water to build their nests, and pools are sparkly so it attracts them. So... to the point of my story... we decided to try and catch them! Which I did very successfully, I might add. Until they called for backup! I swear, it went from two to three to NINE hornets in about an hour. I caught them with the pool-net and just held them under until they stopped moving. Then I trapped them in an old water bottle. I know, I know. I'll probably go to hell for killing harmless creatures, but in my defense, they were trying to eat my face!!! Anyway, after we caught about four hornets, Steph found a weird creature lurking under the Super Soaker that I'd gotten out to protect us from the swarm of hornets. She called it a sun spider, but my brother called it a vinegaroon. After further research, I've come to the conclusion that Steph was right. Vinegaroons are huge and black and I would have screamed and begged my parents to move if I'd have seen one. Just so you can see the difference...
this is a sun spider: [notice how it's small and has tiny little baby pincers.]...and this is a vinegaroon: [notice the gigantic-ness and the large scorpion-like stinger and it's overall aura of death.]
So, score one for Steph!! I'm really glad she was right and not Tyler. Anyway, I ran inside to get a cup so I could catch the sun spider. Steph told me that they act pretty crazy and I really wanted to see it. So this is our crazy sun spider. The video is a little long, but keep watching, this bug is possessed!!
This video is taking a really long time to load... lalalalalalalala lalala la la lalalalalala llama lala lalalalalalalala lala la la lalalalala.
But anyway, after we caught this guy we sorta gave up. I trapped a total of six hornets and the sun spider. So it was a pretty good day! My shoulders are pretty pink, and my face. I guess I'll have to tan again another day.

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