Thursday, August 6, 2009

today i did several things.

10:00 am - i woke up.
10:45 am - i took a shower.
11:25 am - i did some laundry.
11:30 am - i curled my hair all pretty!
12:15 pm - i got a phone call from my long lost friend in the navy.
2:00 pm - i left my house and called zan.
2:20 om - i went to lunch with kiff.
3:30 - i went to target and bought:
a - some scrapbooking stuff,
b - a new toothbrush,
c - razors, and
d - something else that i can't quite remember.
4:15 pm - i watched tv for an hour.
5:30 pm - i went to work.
12:35 am - i drove by mcdonalds to get some dinner, but it was closed.
12:40 am - so, i went to jack in the box instead.
12:45 am - i went home and ate my dinner.
1:30 am - i was texting my manager, watching spaceballs with tyler, and falling asleep when i realized you guys would probably like to hear from me. however, i couldn't think of anything incredibly exciting to talk to you about. so i decided to give you a play-by-play of my day.
2:05 am - i finished talking all about what i did today and decided i should go to bed...
because tomorrow i'm gonna go play dodgeball at the park. i think.
2:12 am - the end.

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love, Syd said...

the something else that i couldn't quite remember was facewash.