Saturday, August 29, 2009

ben is home.

here's a comparison for you:

i haven't seen ben for over 2 years.
when i saw him walking up my driveway i had to remind myself to be excited.

i haven't seen zan for six measely weeks.
when he told me he bought his ticket to vegas i had a spaz attack from trying to hold myself together.

after two years, i can't think of anything to say to ben.
no stories, no news, no nothing.

every day i talk to zan about anything we can think of.
morning time, lunchtime, after-lunchtime, break time, evening time, dinner time, night time, bed time.

ben's been my best friend since we were 10.

i'll have been friends with zan for one year this october.

i love ben.
well, in one of those best-friends-forever kind of ways.

i really like zan.
there's not any kind of definition to our relationship, but i like him.

that's all i've got so far. i don't even really know how i feel about this. all of it. any of it. but school's starting soon! i'll be in rexburg on wednesday! i get to be with my beth and my brittney! and my kayla, too! i'm ready for this.

i think.

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