Thursday, August 20, 2009

don't these people know...

that i can only handle ONE big important life changing event at a time?!!!!

today, i saw my old best-friend's little sisters, who are in high school. and one is old enough to be talking about colleges. they are supposed to still be 10.
later, i got a text message from Ben. remember him? the love of my life, who brings out the best AND worst in me. at the same time. he'll be home in a week. i'm not as excited as i should be to see my oldest-best-friend-forever.
shortly after, i noticed via facebook that my ex-boyfriend's wife went into labor. this is the man that i've spent seven years trying pry out of my heart. [however, their baby is the absolute cutest thing i have ever seen in my life.]
finally, i was informed of something that, frankly, i could have lived a full/happy/complete life without knowing.

did i mention that i don't like change? or growing up? or dealing with reality?

oh, and yesterday i found out that i was an accident.

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