Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i went shopping today!

lol. it had been a while since i spent any money.
almost a whole week!

but anyway, this week is employee appreciation at urban so we get a special discount on sale items. i got a pullover sweater with pretty flowers on it for SIX DOLLARS! and i got a cool navy and white striped long button-up cardigan for SIX DOLLARS!! and i got pink, white, and black
t-shirts for TWELVE DOLLARS EACH!! so basically it was a good day. i love shopping.

fun fact for the day:
Zan's sister-in-law has been telling him repeatedly that he needs to get his head out of his butt and figure himself out already because she likes me and she's on my side.
i don't really understand it, but i think it's funny. because Zan knows it's true, and he tells me that i'm awesome for not thinking he's a jerk. which, i am awesome and i don't think he's a jerk. i really like him...

that's all, goodnight.

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