Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i have a lot to do...

   1] write a paper for philosophy, because it's due at 11:55 tonight.
   2] take a quiz for a different philosophy class, because it's also due at 11:55 tonight.
   3] do my laundry, because i'm running low on undies.
   4] clean my room, because my floor space is already limited as it is.
   5] find an alternative option to the vacuum in the front closet, because it sucks and our carpet is disgusting.
   6] read for eternal marriage class, because i don't want to fail at being a wife.
   7] write a paper for the same eternal marriage class, because it's on the syllabus.
   8] buy some face lotion, because my skin gets very very dry in the very very cold climate in which i live.
   9] paint my toes, because the grody-toe still freaks me out.
 10] take out my garbage, because shipping boxes don't fit in my trash can.
 11] work on my architecture homework, because i don't want to be stressed about it next week.

i'd much rather sit right here and stare at my computer screen than do anything even remotely productive.  i'm just having that kind of day.

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