Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i went snowboarding a few weeks ago.

remember how i bruise like a three-day-old peach?!
well, if you need a reminder, here is exhibit A:
that's my knee...

this smaller bruise is on the back of my leg, and it has a twin in the exact same spot on my other leg.
we decided that they're from my boots.

there was a bruise on my hand, but it didn't really show up on the camera, so i'll just let you imagine what it looked like.
and the piece de resistance is this big fella, on the back of my arm:
oh man, you should have seen it... this picture doesn't do it justice.

needless to say, i should be taking some kind of iron supplement. because these are just the note-worthy bruises, there are plenty more smaller ones scattered all over my body.
i swear i'm not the victim of abuse.
these are just the products of a normal day's activities for me.

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