Friday, March 26, 2010

i want...

this class to be over.
to be a graduate already.
a poptart.
the serengeti dress from anthropologie.
to take a nap.
to see my mikalyn.  :)
for brittney's mission to go by really fast.
to be in california.
my cold to go away.
to live on my own, regardless of how impractical that is.
some new shoes.
to figure my life out.
all my jeans to fit right.
it to be summer.

have you ever noticed that the more you want something, it always seems farther away and harder to get?  life is funny that way.  but then again, weekends always seem to make me feel like things are a lot closer and easier.

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Chels Allred said...

you have a blog!? sweet!!!!
-thanks for your comment! :)