Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i am a designer.

sometimes i forget just what it is that i'm doing here at school and then i remember... getting an education.

but what exactly am i being educated in?  i'm an english major.  professional writing, to be more specific.  but i've done a LOT more than just read a bunch of books and write a bunch of reports in the four years that i've been here.

most people who know me forget that i started school as an architecture major.  but i did.  and i've continued to study the design principles, which gave me the opportunity to:
     •  design a museum and take it all the way through the design process, from theory to plans
     •  hand-render multiple buildings and landscapes, including the Rexburg Temple
     •  create a full set of architectural plans (blue-prints) for a residential single-family dwelling
     •  design and model a completely custom home and digitally render images of both the exterior and interior views

some design projects that are a little more relevant to english were:
     •  an online bridal magazine.
     •  an instruction manual on how to build a tool box.
     •  a grant proposal.
     •  a personal academic portfolio.
     •  a guide book for one of the university's study abroad programs.
     •  a fully inclusive online professional portfolio [still in production]

i've designed flyers, newsletters, and brochures, created websites and blogs, and created more than my fair share of cover-pages.

i think i have a total of five portfolios:
     •  creative writing
     •  architectural design
     •  visual media
     •  academic writing
     •  and the aforementioned professional portfolio

after all that i don't think i want to be labeled as an english student.  i'm going to dance with the idea that i'm basically a designer for a while.  granted, my design skills are very basic and mostly unrelated to each other, but still... it's what i've spent the majority of my college years doing.

anyway, i'm a senior.  i did it.  can i maybe just say that i rock?!

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